The Otto Grill B(r)unch

The Otto Grill B(r)unch

Brunch and the Otto Grill are a match made in heaven. From easy made recipes to indulgent variations: you'll upgrade your brunch like no one else can. Get your inspirations in our overview of some ways the Otto Grill is an irreplaceable component of your brunch set-up.

If you think about using the Otto Grill, you probably have a hearty lunch or dinner in mind. Due to the versatility of the Otto Grill you can integrate it and its 1500°F top heat in much more mealtimes on your schedule or even on special occasions. One special occasion that at first glance seems farfetched from the typical field of use is brunch. It’s never too early in the day to fire up your Otto Grill and there are several brunch ideas that get a worthy upgrade by the Otto Grill.

The range of brunch meals is vast as it contains the best of breakfast and lunch. You can serve meat from the Otto Grill while simultaneously stick to some classics of breakfast ideas like sausages, bacon or egg dishes.

Egg-celent brunch ideas

Unfortunately, you won’t get a fried or scrambled egg out of the Otto Grill. Still, with a little creativity you can still serve eggs. Dust off your muffin tray to cook some muffin omelets. Just whisk some eggs together, combine with fillings to your hearts content and let the Otto Grill do its job. Similar to an oven you can cook batch after batch of egg muffins, but with the Otto Grill it is a little bit faster. If you want fancy up eggs, we have some inspiration for you. Use the eggs for a frittata that is easily made in one go on the Otto Grill. Bring a French classic to the table and let your guests indulge a Quiche Lorraine. The Israeli breakfast dish Shakshuka, made with tomatoes, eggs, and chili is an easy made dish and a real difference maker on every brunch table.

Matters of the pastry

Always a good addition to a brunch are a variety of breads, bread rolls and other pastries. The Otto Grill can’t bake the pastry on its own but could give it a small boost. Use the top heat to toast bagels and bread rolls to your liking, giving them a little bit of crunch. Pull toast through melted butter, top it with a combination of cinnamon and sugar and grill it in the Otto Grill.  Or serve some real treats with our cream cheese garlic bread. These are easily done and a unique take on brunch pastry.

Expanding the menu

As mentioned earlier you can combine hearty dishes in a brunch that would be more fitting to a lunch. And there are literally no restrictions to let your creativity run loose. Still, we have some recipes that makes a good addition to any brunch. If you approach your brunch menu with tapas influence you easily could level up with dishes like tortillas, spiced potatoes, or a mushroom and chorizo sausage combination. You want your guests and yourself to indulge in real fancy way? Then serve some seafood dishesThe Otto Grill is perfect to finish oysters or grill outrageously delicious lobster tails. Or you stay with a more meat centric warm recipe like our trusty steak pops.

Make some time for your next brunch and give a new spin to it with the Otto Grill!


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