Pretzel sandwich

2 min

6 min



2 pretzel breadsticks

2 American cheese slices

7 oz salsiccia sausage

Pretzel sandwich



Meat is not mandatory to use the Otto Grill. Sounds sacrilegious but allows you to bring this snack on the table. Pretzel breadstick, salsiccia sausage, cheese slices are the snacks hearty trinity which can only assume its final form due to the Otto Grill. It may be no meat but it’s doubtless hearty and delicious!





  1. Cut the sausage into chunky strips and lay them flat on a Drip Tray. Grill from both sides in the Otto Grill until the fat renders and the sausage strips start to brown. Then remove from the grill.


  1. Grill the meat

    Make a lengthwise cut in the pretzel bread sticks and fill with the sausage slices. Cover with cheese slices and return to the Otto Grill on low flame. Toast the bread sticks and melt the cheese. As soon as the cheese starts to bubble turn off the heat and let it sit for a minute in the residual heat.

Pretzel Sandwich

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