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Cleaning The Otto Grill

To keep your grill functioning properly, as well as for hygienic reasons, we recommend cleaning your grill after every use.

Outside surfaces – Use a warm, soapy water solution to clean, then rinse with water.


Inside surfaces – Remove the top unit of the Otto Grill by opening the two fasteners located at the back of the grill, sliding the entire top unit in that direction, and lifting it from the bottom unit. Place the top unit onto a towel face up, so that the two ceramic burners are visible. Use a warm, soapy water solution to clean all stainless steel surfaces, then rinse thoroughly with water. For stubborn particles, you can use a non-metallic brush. Handle the top unit with extreme care and avoid exposing it to shocks, as this can easily cause damage to the ceramic burners.


Cast iron grill grate – Clean with a suitable stainless steel bristle brush. As needed, remove grate from grill and wash with warm, soapy water, then rinse. After cleaning your grate, dry and wrap it in a cotton towel for storage. From time to time, treat your grill grate to a grease rub using vegetable oil (e.g., flaxseed oil).


Check out the following videos to watch us clean the Otto Grill:



Only clean your Otto Grill when it is completely cooled off. Turn the grill off, disconnect it from its gas cylinder, and wait for it and all removable parts to cool before cleaning. Cooling down time depends on surrounding temperature and length of your grill session. It may take up to an hour.

Gas supply

If you notice a leak, turn off the gas and tighten the fitting. Turn the gas back on and recheck with the soap and water solution. If leak continues, do not use the Otto Grill. Make sure that there are no ignition sources in proximity when connecting your grill to the liquid propane cylinder. Any open fires, cigarettes, candles, lamps, or electronic devices can be hazardous if there is a gas leak.

The Otto Grill works on liquid propane. You'll need a propane gas cylinder.

We recommend using either 20-lb or 11-lbs gas cylinders.

Please refer to the detailed instructions in your user manual.

You can also watch Otto set up his grill in this video.

No, it is not safe to do so. The Otto Grill is not designed for in-house natural gas lines.

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Operating The Otto Grill

No, the Otto Grill is for outside use only.

Combustible materials should never be kept within 24 inches (60 cm) of the back or sides of the Otto Grill.


We recommend placing your grill onto stone or metallic surfaces. While the temperature below the grill usually does not exceed 160°F, we still do not recommend putting it on wooden, cloth, or plastic surfaces.

The Otto Grill heats up to maximum temperature within 3 minutes.

Push down the control knob of one of the two burners, hold it down, and turn it clockwise to the high position (big flame symbol).


While keeping the control knob pressed down, push the small red Piezo ignitor button, located directly next to the control knob. You will hear a loud click. Do not release the control knob yet.


Keep the control knob pressed down for 5 more seconds in order to deactivate the thermoelectric safety device. Check that the burner is lit by looking into the front opening of your Otto Grill, keeping a minimum distance of 12 inches / 30 cm. If ignition was successful, a light blue aura will appear under the lit burner.


If you do not see an aura or feel heat building up, press the red Piezo igniter one or more times.


Check again for a blue aura and heat. If successful, you can release the control knob.


In this short video (German only), Otto shows you how to ignite his grill.

You can find the dimensions and weight of our individual grills in our online shop. The original Otto Grill weighs 39.7 lbs and has the following dimensions: width 16.7 in x depth 17.3 in x height 11.6 in

No, we do not recommend using the Otto Grill in rooms with ceilings.

No, we do not recommend using the grill in or on regular vehicles.

The Otto Grill is made of 304 stainless steel and will not develop rust if left outside uncovered. However, we do recommend covering your grill in order to protect it from dirt, pollen, animal droppings, and other natural elements.

In order to guarantee longevity of the grill and all its parts you should always dry off the grill before using it. You should never operate the grill while its ceramic burners are wet.

The Otto Grill generates minimal smoke. This is because it runs on clean burning gas rather than pellets or fossil fuels. Because the heat source sits above the meat, you won’t have any flare ups either. We always recommend putting water in the drip tray to prevent the drippings from overheating and reaching their smoke point.


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The security of your data is our highest priority. We use encryption methods, e.g. Secure Socket Layer (SSL), to make sure that your data is transmitted only to Otto Wilde Grillers in an encrypted way. Payment is made via Stripe.


Otto gives you a 2-year warranty on all parts. Warranty does not cover cases of improper handling of your grill.


Important: To ensure the longevity of the burners, it is crucial to maintain sufficient ventilation while grilling to prevent heat accumulation within the grill. If warm air cannot escape from the grill, the burners will not get enough oxygen, resulting in a flashback within the burners. Therefore, you should not move the pizza stone or the drip tray higher than Meat-O-Meter Level 3-4 and not pre-heat the pizza stone for more than 10 minutes.


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