Save 15% on all Otto Grills and accessories

Save 15% on all Otto Grills and accessories

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Otto, Alex, Julia, and Nils: the founders of Otto Wilde. Hailing from Düsseldorf, Germany, we are closely connected through our families and long-standing friendships. As lovers of good food, and especially of grilling, we wanted to find a way to grill the perfect steak at home.

The Otto Grill Original, a book, a cutting board

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[…] this high-powered broiler, which cranks up to 1500°F in just three minutes to turnout steakhouse-level cuts of beef, Instagram-worthy pizzas with char-bubble dotted crusts and fish fillets with crackly skins.


The Michelin Guide

That’s […] the size of an old microwave. Meaning you could take it camping or tailgating if you wanted to. The result is a steak with an enviable crust that’s difficult to get on an ordinary grill.


Esquire, New York

One young startup [...] is turning heads with its impressively powerful, high end grill called The Otto Grill. [...] Their single-purpose grill does on thing really well: [...] it cooks steaks with the precision that only German engineering can.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, New York


We offer a warranty of at least two years on your Otto Wilde Grill. But that's not all! We guarantee premium quality, excellent service, and sustainable production.

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We put our Wilde grillers first! Our customer service team is always ready with advice and assistance to help you get the most of your grill.


Got questions? Looking for tips? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for everything from how to clean your grill to payment info.


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