The versatility of the Otto Grill

The versatility of the Otto Grill

You are on the wrong track thinking the Otto Grill is only designed for meat. We'll show how creative you can be with the right perspective for the Otto Grill!

The Otto Grill is the product that started our journey and has been a staple for meat fans over the years. It’s no surprise high end steakhouse results are in reach for everybody with the enhanced technical features the Otto Grill brings. Yes, you have probably read or heard it several times: Unparalleled 1500°F top heat. Ready within three minutes. Consistent top heat with no flare ups. The steak gets cooked by direct radiated heat granting a rich crust without drying your steak. A cast iron grate with 12.8x10.4 inches fitting nearly every cut. All those are valid points which are convincing that the Otto Grill is a must have for every grill fan.

On the other hand, if you put it that way, the Otto Grill appears to be a one trick pony. Just grilling your steaks to perfection and nothing else. But there lies so much potential within the stainless-steel cube that doesn’t rely on serving a piece of meat. And we want to showcase that side of the Otto Grill.

Something on the side

Let’s start with something that’s not too far away from searing meat. While grilling meat on the Otto Grill you insert the Drip Tray to catch grease and all the meat juices. Why not capitalize on that feature? You can grill vegetables in the Drip Tray first and let them sit on the lowest setting while grilling your meat. All the juices and grease drips down on the veggies adding a rich taste to them. You need inspiration? Then try this chicken on summer veggies recipe! Or you crisp up your vegetables while the meat rests most vegetables are done within a few minutes in the Otto Grill. And just like that you get a complete meal from your Otto Grill in one swing.

Another star for the Otto Grill are potatoes. Quick note: You can’t cook potatoes solely on the Otto Grill. But you should not dismiss the idea of putting them on the Otto Grill anyway. Simply by precooking them, they are ready to be grilled and then turned into a crunchy surprise. And the variations are equal to a normal kitchen. Roast them sliced, halved or whole within minutes in the Drip Tray or on the grill grate. To get more than just plain potatoes use various oils, spices, rubs or herbs to get the perfect side dish. Try these sliced sweet potatoes or our wintry-spiced potatoes as a starting point for integrating potatoes into your Otto Grill knowledge.

Tarte flambée with bacon and spring onion

You can even go further and serve dishes that rely on a nice cheese crust. The same advantages of the Otto Grill which create the perfect steak crust apply on side dishes like layered potatoes or mac & cheese. The top heat browns the cheese within minutes into the perfect layered crust. If you own the Otto Wilde Pizza Stone, this also applies to pizza and tarte flambée. Switch the grill grate with the Pizza Stone and let the top heat do its job. Faster and better results than any oven. And the Otto Grill is big enough to cook considerable portions and not just appetizer sized ones.

More than main dishes

Speaking of appetizers: the Otto Grill is not only limited to combinations of meat and side dishes. Why not expand your dinner with some starters to a menu. For starters, try something that relies on a grilled surface like a parmigiana as a perfect addition to your Italian styled menu. Or bring the incomparable taste of a classic French onion soup to the table. Show some creativity with shrimp cocktail sliders or small chicken salads in parmesan cups which on the Otto Grill. As you can see for starters the only limit is your imagination.

You could also be daring and bake sweets on the Otto Grill. We know: desserts from a grill? Does that work? We say: yes! Sweets and desserts are variable in style and preparation. Some like Crème brûlée and variation thereof are not that different to other top heat recipes we already covered. The caramelization is done in unparalleled fashion that you’ll always want to finish your crème brûlée with the Otto Grill. Even other smaller desserts like baked apple, chocolate lava cake or toasted meringue can be made on the Otto Grill taking advantage of the top heat, drip tray and/or the Pizza Stone. A more crafty dessert on the Otto Grill is Baumkuchen as each layer is baked individually with top heat. The sweets are nothing inferior to any of the savory dishes.

Meringue toasted in the Otto Grill

Manifold possibilities

As you can see the Otto Grill is not a one trick pony. You can use its unique design with top heat to create a variety of different recipes beyond meat. Side dishes, gratins, pizza, starters, desserts: the options are endless. And with little imagination you can sense that you even create a whole menu on the Otto Grill without any compromises. What are you waiting for? Heat up the Otto Grill and try some of these ideas beyond meat!


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