A man preparing food in front of the Otto Grill while tailgating

Tailgating with the Otto Grill

Tailgate parties are a unique experience. Grilling in front of cars, with like-minded spirits and celebrating sports or music. With this All-American event you'll never miss a good time. But trust us: the real MVP of these is our Otto Grill. Read below about evertyhing you need to know!

The feeling of a tailgate party is unique. Even hours before kick-off people gather in the parking lots at stadiums and arenas to celebrate concerts and sports events in advance. During these parties people enjoy themselves, beverages and usually grilled food. Often, they serve their grilled goods right from grills in the tailgates of cars or in front of them. A perfect opportunity to let the Otto Grill shine! But before we get to the part, why the Otto Grill is the MVP of each tailgate party. Let’s also make a small victory lap about the history of tailgating.


The Otto Grill standing on a storage box during tailgating

The tailgate MVP

During a tailgate party a gas grill is a staple to serve classical BBQ food. From brats to burgers and steaks: there are no limits what can be served during a tailgating party. To become a tailgate chef requires a gas grill you can either put on your tailgate or in front of it. If you don’t own a portable one, don’t have the space or don’t want to move your grill, let us introduce you to your next tailgate buddy: the Otto Grill!

This top heat grill has many benefits that make him a real MVP on the tailgate party turf. First, it runs on gas and can be easily set up. Just connect a gas bottle, and the Otto Grill and its 1500°F top heat are ready to go. The size of 17x17 inch on the base and roughly 12 inch in height makes the Otto Grill a comfortable companion you can easily store. Weighing at 47 lbs you can also move it by yourself and only with the need of a little muscle strength. Another advantage is the uncomplicated cleaning and stowage of the Otto Grill. Once it’s cooled down just clean the grate and drip tray and put it in our trusty storage box. A deep cleaning, if needed, can be done at home and is no big deal.

Chicken wings tossed in a bowl

Speaking of strengths: another quality of the Otto Grill is what happens on the grate. With a size of 13x10 inches there are only a few limits what you can grill. Any regular steak cut fits and is done within minutes and in steakhouse quality. Even other classics like burger patties, chicken wings and variations of hot dogs are no challenge for the Otto Grill. If you want to serve some surprises with the Otto Grill, we have some recommendations for you. For example, seafood is a viable option and amaze everyone with your shrimps or lobster recipes. You like some good steak dishes? Then serve a take on the famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich or bring your own creation of a steak sandwich to live. Or just use some skewers to bring steak pops to your hungry guests. Everything that can be seared can be done on the Otto Grill.



Short history of tailgating

Unfortunately, there is no definitive origin of the tailgating party only some assumptions, but usually dated in the 19th century. One tailgating party could be the Battle of Bull Run in 1861 as Union supporters gathered beside the battlefield with food as spectators. This was the right idea at the wrong time. Another origin is the first college football game in 1869 as fans celebrated the game between Rutgers and Princeton in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Probably this was way different than modern tailgate parties but could be their progenitor. Over the decades tailgating adapt technological advancements and grew into a social event on their own and as essential part of American culture. Quick note on the side: outside the USA tailgating is less popular. Sure, there are some parties held at American football games in Europe, but they are more like an exception.

What are you waiting for: order your Otto Grill with all the essentials you need to become the MVP on the next tailgating party!




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