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Let’s get this party starters

Think outside the box and use the Otto Grill in creative manner for your next finger food hit.

Watch your fingers!

While planning a party you probably never had the idea of using your Otto Grill for the food. To be honest at first it seems far-fetched. The grate is big, but party dishes seem to exceed that easily or are not even able to be done on the Otto Grill. But before you slump your shoulders and store your Otto Grill away, let us blow your mind and save you time. Because one real banger for a party is finger food. And we want to show you why the Otto Grill qualifies as your “finger food station”.

Several Steak Pops piled up on a plate

What is finger food? Without a too big historical detour it’s small sized food that became popular in early 20th century. It’s also known as starters and heavily connected to cocktail parties. Since finger food is a broad term and there is no such thing as one type of original finger food. Which is great news as there will never be a limitation of what could be created. It only has to be in small size so that it can be eaten without cutlery and at any time. Serve it before or throughout your party and everybody will be happy.

Let’s bring this back home

So why using the Otto Grill then? First: Most recipes that fit the definition of finger food are usually bite sized or maximum hand sized. The grill grate of the Otto Grill has the right space for such food and can be used to cook several portions at once. Space: check. Second: You can use the Otto Grill to either cook recipes in advance or integrate your Otto Grill as an entertainment factor into your party and serve the finger food fresh and hot. Variability: check. Third: And the performance of the Otto Grill is also a huge benefit. The heat is ready within a few minutes and most finger food just need a nice finish and that’s the specialty of the Otto Grill. Performance: check. As you can see: the advantages of the Otto Grill can be fully fleshed out of the finger food concept.

Enough of theoretical talking about what the Otto Grill can do and let’s see what finger food could be served. There are two staples of stadium food which you could easily make a bunch of on the Otto Grill: Wings and hot dogs. While our chicken wings recipe is our take on the classic Buffalo wings, our hot dogs offer more variety. They get a heated in the Otto Grill and we just offer three ways to serve them. But you can modify those to your hearts content. Or give it a new twist with our pretzel sandwich which reinvents the hot dog with hearty ingredients.

Three oysters on a bed of salt on a plate

Another type of finger food includes the plenty of the sea in many variations. In reminiscence to the classic hot dogs our lobster rolls are a maritime, delicious yet quite decadent snacks for a party. A finger food classic that’s more affordable are shrimp sliders. They are done within minutes on the Otto Grill and exude the flair of a fancy cocktail party. Expand this with crab cakes or even oysters rockefeller or Kilpatrick variations!

You want to boast with your Otto Grill knowledge? Then use it to serve the most savory finger food you could ever imagine: Mini bacon bombs. These small meatballs with a cheese filling and a bacon cover are delicious and can either be served with or without a glaze. Depending on how dirty you want to get your fingers. The other recipe is perfect to make the cooking into a preparation. Two words: steak pops. These are the fusion of what the Otto Grill does best (steak) and finger food, done within minutes and due to the skewers, you can eat them steaming hot without burning your fingers.

The beginning of your starters journey

But these are just some the ideas. The list can go any further as you can finish small tacos with the Otto Grill or make a huge bunch of snacks like roasted chestnuts. If you can grill it, you can always finish finger food on the Otto Grill.


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