Liquid fat on a drip tray in the Otto Grill

Drip it like it’s hot!

Do not let anything go to waste while grilling with the Otto Grill. Even fat and grease is something you could turn into something delicious. Let us show you how!

There is a byproduct most meat cuts will have while cooking: grease. It is something you don’t want on your grilled meat. If it stays on your meat, it makes it soggy and prevents the crust of a perfect result. Due to the top heat of the Otto Grill you avert this disappointing result and let the grease run down while grilling. When everything is done you probably get rid of the excess fat that is now collected in the drip tray of your Otto Grill. But what if we told you that you could use the grease and you can turn it into a secret ingredient of your own? With our ideas your drippings will never go to waste again!

Potatoes on a drip tray with grease and meat

The sides with a nice drip

You’ll know by now that some veggies or potatoes are real game changers while using the Otto Grill. The design of the Otto Grill is ideal to grill your meat and a side dish simultaneously as we mentioned in another article. If you knew this already, let’s give you our next tip. Put cut up potatoes or vegetables into your drip tray and insert it under the meat in the Otto Grill. While your meat sizzles, the excess fat will continuously drip down and cover up all your sides. This way it will get a nice and savory coating and especially potatoes taste so much better with that. Another advantage of this: cleaning the drip tray afterwards will be way easier!




The more gravy the better

While upgrading your sides is easy as grilling meat, another use of excess fat is a little bit more elaborate. The magic word is gravy. You are reading correctly as you can use excess fat to stir up a gravy. While grilling the grease will stay liquid and you can insert from the drip tray straight into a pot. There you’ll combine it with butter and flour (a roux) and get the perfect condiment for your meat. Even a basic gravy let the strong flavors of every meat shine and can be easily modified with ingredients like red wine or herbs. And as you enjoy meat with gravy there will be no evidence left in the drip tray of excess grease and easy to clean.

Gravy dripping down a spoon

What are you waiting for: heat up your Otto Grill, ready the drip tray and reuse grease in delicious fashion!


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