Grilled Goose Sous Vide Recipe

60 min

2-3 min

10 h


1 kg goose breast

1 large piece of ginger

4 oranges

1 pinch cinnamon

1 Tbsp cloves

Forest honey

Salt and pepper

Grilled Goose Sous Vide




Grilling goose can risk the meat drying out. Grilling goose sous vide provides the most tender meat and crispy crust. Thanks to Otto's crucial tips for sous vide and grilling the perfect crust, you can enjoy a tender and delicious goose recipe from the Otto Grill. Whether for Christmas or any festive celebration, grilled goose sous vide will surely impress.





For this grilled goose recipe, Otto puts an Oldenburg oatmeal goose from Albers Food on the grill. These geese are characterized by a relatively low-fat content and particularly tender meat – perfect for the combination of sous vide and high searing heat from the Otto Grill.

  1. Clean the Goose

    Dab off the goose breast and cut off excess skin and fat. Remove tendons, silver skin and remaining feather quills. Important: do not cut meat.

  2. Marinate & Vacuum Seal

    Slice fresh oranges and squeeze both halves over the goose breast. Grate the ginger finely and sprinkle over the goose breast together with cloves, roughly crushed pepper, salt and a pinch of cinnamon. Peel the oranges, remove the fillets and place in the vacuum bag together with the spiced goose breast. Add the juice to another squeezed orange. Pull the air out of the bag and seal tightly. The vacuum-seal makes the marinade particularly intense by sealing in the aromas.

    sous vide goose

  3. Sous Vide Goose at Low Temperatures

    Sous vide the goose breast for 10 hours at 176°F – the long and clow cook time tenderizes the meat to a melt-in-your-mouth texture. After 10 hours, take the goose out of its water bath and remove the vacuum bag. Set the duck breasts on the cooled grill grate immediately in preparation for your next step: the crispy sear.
    Tip: If you can’t grill the goose breast right away, you can cool it down in an ice cube bath and store it in the refrigerator. Just be sure to bring it back to room temperature before grilling.

  4. Orange Slice Salad & Side Dishes

    During sous vide cooking, prepare a complementing salad to the goose breast marinade. For the dressing, mix orange mustard, honey, balsamic crème, orange juice and orange zest until smooth. Add high-quality olive oil and season with salt and pepper and then arrange the salad with finely chopped orange fillets. The grilled goose breast is great with potatoes or dumplings. You should prepare the desired side dishes while the goose breast cooks at a low-temperature.

  5. Goose Grill Ready

    Cut the skin of the sous vide-cooked goose breast into diamond shapes. This creates a professional look for your grilled masterpiece, but it also ensures that the skin does not burst during grilling.



  1. Goose Grilling

    Preheat the Otto Grill for 3 minutes at the highest temperature of 1500°F with the Meat-o-Meter ser to level 5. After the 3 minutes of preheating at high heat, lower the temperature to about 1300°F and place the grill grate with the goose into the Otto Grill. Grill the goose breast for 2-3 minutes until it develops a crunchy and golden seared crust.



  1. Finishing Touches

    Finally, drizzle the goose breast with a strong honey like a forest flower honey. The spicy-sweet note completes the wintry flavors of Otto’s sous vide goose and makes it an unforgettable grill delicacy.

    Grilled Goose Sous Vide

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