Introducing: the Therm-o-meter

Introducing: the Therm-o-meter

The Otto Grill is already your trusty tool to sear meat for your dinner? Why not pushing it to the next level with our new Therm-o-meter!

There’s no question that the Otto Grill is your ideal partner for grilling like your favorite steakhouse at home. Our two top heat burners fire up to 1500°F in a matter of minutes. Grilling your steaks, chicken, or porkchops equally fast, and you will get a sear worthy of any high-end steak house in just a few minutes because our grills produce the best crust you’ll ever taste while the inside remains juicy and tender. Only with the Otto Grill! But this raises a question: how do you know when to pull that steak to achieve the perfect internal temperature?

The solution: The Therm-o-meter

We believe that a simple design is the strongest so the Otto Grill doesn’t dabble in digital componentry.  For a long time, you had to rely on your grilling experience like checking your protein with finger pressure, or using your own grilling probes that just can’t take the high heat of the Otto Grill. This has never been the most reliable way to achieve perfect results. With our new high-heat Therm-o-meter probe, those days of uncertainty are over.

The Therm-o-meter offers you the possibility to check the temperature while grilling and it’s more than an ordinary thermometer – it’s your companion from now for nailing each steak on the Otto Grill to perfect results. It’s the combination of a display with different modes and a meat probe. The application of our Therm-o-meter is as easy as the Otto Grill’s. Turn it on, plug in the meat probe, choose your settings and you are ready to go!




How to use

There are two modes to use the Therm-o-meter. The first one is grilling with a core temperature. Set the goal temperature within the display to your preference, stick the meat probe into the thickest part of your meat and start grilling on the Otto Grill. This way you won’t guess anymore or interrupt the cooking process to check on your meat. You can precisely control to sear to perfection. You don’t want to try out the correct core temperatures by yourself? Use one of the several presets for different kinds of meat. Either way as soon as your meat reaches the set core temperature the Therm-o-meter will alert you with an acoustic signal.

The other mode of the Therm-o-meter a timer that can be enabled via a switch. This is your mode if you prefer cooking via a time than temperature. Use the Therm-o-meter as a timer with a duration you can set by yourself. An alarm will go off as soon as the timer hit zero. Otherwise, you can also use the time mode as a stopwatch and cook by your own means.


Convenience meets perfection

The Therm-o-meter also offers you advantages beyond the cooking method. You smooth out your grilling with the Otto Grill. Thanks to the display, you don’t have to draw out your steak and stop cooking for an instance to check on your meat. With the display you get all information at one glance without interfering in the grilling process. Also you won’t run the risk anymore to miss the perfect point as the Therm-o-meter will notice you with an alarm sound. Additionally the Therm-o-meter is also very easy and quick in application, can be used with a built in stand or two magnets, and is small enough to store in any shelf or drawer. All of this shows how the Therm-o-meter makes the Otto Grill experience more convenient – with no disadvantages at all.




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