Wild Game

Wilde Side Grill Guide: Our Best Wild Game Recipes

Grilling is all about togetherness: enjoying the company of friends, cracking open a beer, and conversing over good food. You can make it even more special by grilling up something wild! Wild venison, wild boar, wild sheep, wild goose, and yes, even wild lobster are all terrific when cooked in the Otto Grill. Read on for Otto's best recipes for each.

1. Venison Burger
It's somewhat rare, but who doesn’t love venison, especially in a quality burger? In this recipe, tender, gamey meat is deliciously seared at 1500°F and served with bacon between two toasted buns. It's sure to be the wildest burger you've ever tasted!

venison burger

2. Wild Boar
Boar is abundant in many regions, and even considered a pest in some. It's probably the easiest game meat to get a hold of year-round, and a top grill choice too. With its fatty cuts, including the classic pork belly, wild boar is often preferable to farm-raised pork.

rack venison with pumpkin

3. Wild Dog
Don't worry, not actual dog — a hot dog! It's an easy way to combine an American classic with the meats of its historically wild land. From lamb to deer meat, you can buy or make any kind of wild hot dog for a quick and delicious meal. With the time you save, whip up some delicious red cabbage slaw for a picture-perfect, mouth-watering wild dog.

wild game hot dog

4. Wild Sheep
Sheep are not usually wild animals anymore (unless you live in New Zealand), but if you can get a hold of one, count your lucky stars. Lamb is a delicacy, and if you can get some wild and lean lamb meat, you’re in for a treat. Try this recipe to find out why!

wild game steak

5. Wild Goose
This European favorite is less popular in America, and we think that should change! Hunting wild goose is a tricky sport, but if you can catch one, try this easy sous vide recipe. Low and slow followed by a quick sear gives you the most tender goose with a crispy crust. Add orange slices to bring out the rare flavors of this beloved bird.

sous vide duck breast with orange

6. Wild Lobster
For some reason, lobster is less likely to be classified as wild game. But, if you put out your lobster crate in the ocean and catch some critters, you’ve got yourself a wild animal! Maine is widely known for their lobster season, but you can find them on any coast. This lobster season, throw some of these delicious crustaceans on your Otto Grill and serve with a simple butter sauce for a dish that'll be the talk of the party.

lobster tail

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