Wild Sheep Steaks

2 min

2 min



4 mouflon lamb fillets



Wild Sheep Steaks




This fillet from the wild mouflon lamb is a delicacy, that brings a smile to all your dinner guests' faces. The purple colored meat is convincing with its mild venison aroma and its caramelized crust. An impressive kickoff to a fabulous feast. What a great lamb recipe!





The mouflon lamb fillet is extremely well-suited for grilling on high temperature. The fact that it is so easy to prepare, but still super tasty, makes this extraordinary piece of meat a top-class appetizer for any festive occasion. Mouflons are a type of wild sheep which can weigh up to 120 lbs. They were released into the wild in Corsica and Sardinia and have spread all over Europe. Regarding the taste, mouflon lamb has an intense flavor like the cross between venison and lamb.



    1. The mouflon lamb steaks are done in no time on the 1500°F Steak Grill. First, preheat Otto’s wonder grill to 1500°F for about three minutes. This is important because the meat will only stay juicy if it’s not on the grill for too long. Take out the grill grate before you start preheating the Otto Grill. Otherwise, the lamb fillets will start to cook on the hot grill bars. You will only get the perfect crust on a cold grate.

    2. Grill the perfect mouflon lamb fillet

      Place the lamb steaks on the cold grate and set the Meat-O-Meter to stage 1. This puts the fillets right beneath the burners of the Otto Grill so the Maillard reaction will work as it should. By using really high heat, the surface of the lamb meat will caramelize and ensure a beautiful and crispy crust. Grill the mouflon lamb fillets for one minute on both sides at 1500°F or until you have reached your desired crust. Now, your mouflon steaks should be medium rare.



    1. Carve and serve the mouflon lamb: the perfect appetizer

      Take the lamb fillets out of the grill and let them sit for two minutes. Afterwards, carve them across the grain and serve them straight away. The gorgeous glaze of the crust will complement with the mild and aromatic venison taste of the mouflon lamb. Otto recommends the lamb fillets from the 1500°F Steak Grill as an appetizer because they are the perfect start to a festive dinner.

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