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Tailgating Food: Easy Super Bowl Recipes

Tailgating is an important part of the football ritual. It's an art – of planning, execution, and delivery – much like the plays your team is running on the field. This season, the Otto Wilde Team wants to pay tribute to all the dedicated tailgate grillers out there. Here's your guide to this season of Super Bowl tailgating.

There's nothing wrong with the classic burger or steak sandwich, but why not get a little creative with your tailgate this year? Check out Otto's list of easy but delicious tailgate-grilling recipes.

1. Strip Tease: NY Strip Steak Recipe
Tease the football fans around you with the smell of a perfectly cooked steak. A NY strip steak is the perfect cut to share with your fellow tailgaters. You can buy a nice sized roast and grill it to perfection in just minutes. Check out Otto’s NY strip steak recipe and be sure to get that Maillard reaction for the most intense flavors.

Strip steak

2. Hit the Sweet Spot: Sweet Potato Fries Recipe
For a high-quality dish that is easy to prepare and even more enjoyable to eat, grill up some sweet potato fries. Simply slice your potatoes the day before so you have them all prepared, cover them in coconut oil, and grill away.

Grilled prawns

3. Tailgate Tails: Grilled Shrimp Recipe
What's a tailgate without some tails? Grill up some shrimp tails with this quick and easy prawn recipe, and serve them on a stick of lemongrass. And if you really want to impress your fellow fans, pull out a whole fish and slap it on your grill. Just a warning here: make sure you bring your fish in a cooler. No one likes the smell of spoiled fish.

Asian meatballs

4. Meatballs Recipe: on the Field & the Grill
Here’s an easy one. Skewer a few meatballs on a stick and grill them up. A great crowd pleaser, they're easy to pick up with your fingers and enjoy one after another. Otto likes his meatballs with an Asian fusion– check out his teriyaki recipe!

Lamb with salad

5. Chop-lickin’ Chops: Lamb Chops Recipe
Here’s a way to turn tailgate grilling gourmet. Bring along some lamb chops marinated in rosemary and garlic. You can set the chops in the marinade the night before and let them sit until your Otto Grill is fired up and ready. The smell of this one will definitely turn heads.

Happy Tailgating!
Make tailgating a German feast: German Oktoberfest Bratwurst


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