Save a Turkey: Creative Thanksgiving Dishes from the Grill

This Thanksgiving, save a turkey! Or at least save yourself the trouble of having to order a Thanksgiving bird early enough in advance. Free yourself from the fight over the last few turkeys at the market this year and cook something adventurous and delicious from your grill. Grilled oysters? Check. Wild venison? Check. Roasted potatoes and crème brûlé? Check, check. Check out all the recipes below. It’s the holiday grill season, so fire up the grill!

Dare to be different
You might be thinking, “What can I cook instead of turkey?” Because on one single day, Thanksgiving, over 46 million turkeys are estimated to be eaten in the U.S. alone. Even in Canada and abroad, more and more people are celebrating this beloved holiday as well. You might as well be bold, be different, and save a turkey this year.

Get inspired by Otto
This year, Otto wants to save a turkey and save himself the headache surrounding this U.S. tradition. Instead, he'd rather serve something grilled! For rebels and grill masters alike, here are Otto’s favorite alternative Thanksgiving dishes from the Otto Grill.

Best alternative Thanksgiving dishes…from the grill

1. Fish Feast

Especially popular in the south with grilled shrimp dishes like gumbo, a fish feast is all the rage on the holiday grill from coast to coast. Anywhere from Maine lobster tail to southern shrimp and grits to a grilled Baja fish taco recipe, seafood is a delectable alternative to turkey. Pescatarians will definitely be thankful this year as they slurp raw oysters with champagne, or enjoy grilled oysters with butter sauce. You can grill any fish to crispy and tender perfection in just minutes on the Otto Grill.

2. Tri-Tippin’

Tri-Tip steak
Tri-tip is always a favorite – even as a traditional turkey substitute. Grill up an alternative Thanksgiving dish from the grill with a juicy steak, and we guarantee you won’t hear any complaints this year. Otto likes to grill up a tri-tip with whiskey marinade in just a few minutes. For a special holiday grill party, tri-tip is where it’s at. It's easy to buy in bulk, grill up, and serve to a large group of steak lovers. Add some mushroom ragout and a bottle of your favorite whiskey — now, that’s a party!

3. Exotic Cuts – Picanha & Sushi
The sirloin or rump steak is known as Picanha in Brazil. Brazilians are known for their meat-heavy meals, especially their barbeque. When you think of Brazilian BBQ, you might imagine a juicy steak grilling amidst flames. This is Picanha: a fatty cut gives the meat intense flavors. Simply roll in salt for the purest taste. Or maybe you're feeling Japanese food this year? Enjoy a fun twist on traditional sushi with this unique steak sushi recipe. Take our word for it - you have to try it.
4. Go Wild – on the hunt

Lamb chops
If you’re a frequent hunter, you probably plan on catching your meal this year. If it’s bird, go right ahead! But most hunters like the taste of a wild boar or deer. This year, a juicy venison recipe as your alternative Thanksgiving meat dish will make your guests go wild. Garnish with a side of wild chanterelle mushrooms and dumplings to make this dish a stuffing in itself. Or how about some wild barbequed pork loin straight from the Otto Grill?

5. Leg o’ Lamb
Grilling lamb is easier than pie. Well, pie is actually kind of difficult to make, but it’s easier than turkey! Instead of slaving all day over a bird, lamb loins are easily grilled to crispy outside perfection while remaining juicy on the inside. Lamb steak is not your everyday meal, so it's a perfect delicacy for a day like Thanksgiving. Thank your field, thank your harvest, and thank a lamb for its tender fillets.

Side dishes & grilled desserts
To host a Thanksgiving that will really leave an impression, the main Thanksgiving dish isn’t what it’s all about. Make sure your sides are just as tasty and creative! One piece of advice: bacon-wrapped everything. The holiday grill loves bacon. Bacon-wrapped asparagus. Bacon-wrapped scallops. Bacon-wrapped dates. Bacon-wrapped carrots. Bacon-wrapped cheese. Bacon basically wraps around anything and is easy to cook on the Otto Grill.

Oh, and dessert! Anyone can make a pie, right? Instead of the traditional Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, try some alternative Thanksgiving desserts from the grill.

Creme Brulee


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