Lamb chops

10 min

5 min



2 1/4 lbs lamb chops

Lamb chops



Lamb has a delicate flavor, which this simple recipe highlights quite beautifully through the use of only very little salt. The exquisite taste alone is delicious enough and doesn’t need any overpowering gravy or sauce. This way you are experiencing the full meat flavor!





  1. Cut the lamb between the rip bones into individual loins. 



  1. Set The Otto Grill to low heat and fill the drip tray with water.
  2. Salt the lamb right before placing it on the grill. Grill at Meat-O-Meter setting #3 on low heat for a total of 5 minutes. Turn after 2 1/2 minutes.



  1. Serve the lamb chops with our winter potatoes, roasted honey carrots and cranberry sauce.

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