Pizza Margherita

How To Grill Pizza On The Otto Grill

Baking a crispy pizza yourself is always such a tricky thing – a typical oven doesn’t reach enough heat, the moisture doesn’t escape properly and the dough just doesn’t get crispy. At the end of the day, you might enjoy a mediocre pizza or just order take-out at your favorite Italian spot.

At the end of the day, you might enjoy a mediocre pizza or just order take-out at your favorite Italian spot. But what is the secret of a perfect pizza? The temperature – and really high temperatures like 1500°F. Otto Wilde knows all about high heat. That’s why pizza is perfectly grilled on the Otto’s Grill with our custom-made pizza stone made of certified codierite. Because of the high heat of up to 1500°F, the pizza stone reaches the perfect temperature for pizza in just minutes. While the stone bakes from the bottom, the Otto Grill top heat grills your pizza from the top giving you dual action to grill up a crispy pizza crust with melted cheese and toppings. The pizza paddle is made of pure oak wood and easily places the uncooked pizza on the hot stone and removes the pizza once it’s finished.

Here’s what you need to know:

Do I Need a Pizza Stone?
How Long Should the Pizza Stone Preheat?
Italian-Style Pizza Dough
Make Perfect Pizza Dough Yourself
Otto’s Grilled Pizza Recipes
Pizza Margherita Steak Pizza
Grilled Pizza à la Alsace-Style
More Delicious Grilled Recipes with the Pizza Stone

Otto’s Pizza Set
With Otto’s pizza set, you and your Otto Grill transport to Italy, the pizza capitol of the world. In addition to the perfect steak grill, the Otto Grill is also the 1500°F pizza grill. The pizza stone is made of food safe cordierite and  tailor-made to fit your Otto Grill. The pizza paddle is meant to make you feel much more like an authentic Italian pizza chef, but also so you won’t burn your paws!

Pizza in the Otto Grill

Do I Need a Pizza Stone?
Pizza stones store a lot of energy by absorbing heat. This means, it takes much less time to cook the pizza especially from the bottom while the Otto Grill heats from the top. The pizza stone also absorbs moisture coming from the pizza dough so as to ensure a crispy dough. When cooking in the oven, condensation collects between the baking sheet and the bottom of the pizza. And no one wants a soggy pizza… A pizza stone is essential for authentic pizzas with crispy crust!

How Long Should the Pizza Stone Preheat?
With the Otto Grill, the pizza stone needs only a short time to heat up. The pizza stone is placed on the bottom of the grill while the Otto Grill is on full heat. The pizza stone should be heated for about 5 minutes so that it reaches a temperature of 750-930°F. Caution: Do not heat the pizza stone any longer. This could build-up too much heat under the burners – and you don’t want to burn your pizza.

Italian-Style Pizza Dough
The pizza stone is one crucial piece and the right ingredients are the other. The perfect pizza comes alive from its aromatic base, and that comes from the perfect pizza dough. To get that typical aromatic, crispy crust taste, you need to let the dough rest for several hours; the best way is to let it rest over night. The dough rest is very important. This is when the yeast fermentation takes place which ensures the typical pizza aroma when baking.

Make Perfect Pizza Dough Yourself
For the best pizza dough, you don’t need many ingredients. The four main ingredients are flour, yeast, water and salt. Otto also likes to add a bit of sugar and olive oil. The addition of sugar helps kickstart the yeast fermentation much faster but you don’t need to use it. Olive oil provides a distinctive Italian flavor but also gives the dough more suppleness and elasticity.

Pizza sauce

Important Pizza Ingredients
Flour: For the perfect pizza dough, Italian Pizza Flour is the best because it contains a higher amount of gluten. This makes the dough much more maliable for the creation of the dough as well as the particular pizza crust taste. You can buy pizza flour in every well stocked supermarket. If you don’t have pizza flour, you can also use a regular flour type.

Yeast: You won’t want to use too much yeast for pizza dough because the yeast taste is too dominant and will cover up the flavor of other ingredients. So, be careful with adding the yeast. Use about 1/2-1 tsp. of fresh yeast to a 1/2 cup of flour.

Salt: Not only does salt provide more flavor, it also improves the dough properties by removing moisture and improving the malleability of the dough. It also supports the fermentation stability so that the pizza dough rises evenly during fermentation. Furthermore, the addition of salt reduces excessive fermentation and the formation of dough bubbles.

Oil: The addition of oil makes the dough even more elastic and also increases the stability of fermentation. Fats are important for flavor. They ensure that the taste of the crust is gently rounded off and creates a velvety sensation in the mouth.

Best Pizza Toppings
As far as toppings for your home-made pizza, your creativity knows no bounds. Use any and all things. Leftovers are a perfect pizza topping and a way to clean out the fridge. Though, if you need some inspiration, we have a few recipes you’re going to love.

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita is the ultimate Italian cuisine. A favorite worldwide for generations, you will find this classic pizza recipe on any menu. We teach you how to grill up the perfect Margherita pizza recipe. Get classy with the classic pizza.

 Pizza Margherita

Or, rather, strip steak…

Steak Pizza
Steak and pizza? Yes. Steak on top of pizza? Yes, definitely. This grilled recipe combines the best of two worlds: Crunchy, loafy pizza dough and juicy, sliced skirt steak. A dream for every grilled pizza lover! Click here for the tender skirt steak pizza recipe.

Steak Pizza

Or Alsacian art…

Grilled Pizza à la Alsace-Style
The Alsace style pizza originates from Strasburg, an old German city now part of France. Is it French? Is it German? Just call it Northern European, or, if you can say it, Flammkuchen. Directly translated, that means fire cake or cake on fire. So, you know this pizza is on the same level as cake and that it is definitely grilled. This dish explodes fireworks on your palate: airy sour cream, spicy spring onions and salty smoked pancetta. This is Otto’s Original Flammkuchen recipe!


Enjoy your pizza grilling adventures!

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