Steak sushi with egg yolk marmelade

15 min

6 min

5 min



10 oz beef filet

2 cup sushi rice

1/2 cup mirin

3 Egg



Steak sushi with egg yolk marmelade



Sushi does not always have to be with fish, beef is also great for it! Fry your beef only very briefly on the Otto's Grill, so that it gets a nice crust, but remains raw inside. Perfect to be served on a rice pillow with a little blob of egg yolk jam.





  1. Wash the sushi rice 3-4 times with cold water to remove excess starch. Cook the sushi rice as per packet instructions in salted water to rice ratio of 1:1. When the rice is finished spread out on a baking tray and sprinkle the mirin over the rice and mix through.

  2. To make the egg yolk jam: Cook the eggs in a sous vide water bath at 149°F/65°C for 90 minutes. Remove the eggs from the water bath and cool them down by running cold water over them. Separate the egg yolks and pass the egg yolks through a fine sieve. Mix in a pinch of salt with a whisk.
  3. When the rice is cool form into small palm sized pillows for the meat to sit upon.


  1. Turn on the Otto’s Grill to high heat and preheat for 10 minutes. Season all sides of the filet and lay it on the grill grate. Insert the grill grate and raise the Clever Leaver until the filet is almost touching the heating elements, sear for 1-2 minutes until the Meat is nicely seared. Take the filet out turn it over and repeat the process until the entire surface area has been given a nice hard sear. Then immediately remove it from the heat and allow it to rest for 5 minutes.


  1. Slice the filet in thin slices and lay them on the rice pillows. Top with salt and pepper and a bit of the egg yolk jam.

Steak sushi with egg yolk marmelade
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