Pike with mushrooms

20 min

14 min



0.8 lbs Pike Fillet with skin on

5 cups King oyster mushrooms

0.5 Onion

1 Garlic clove

2 tbsp Clarified butter

1 Schallott

2 cups White wine


Pike with mushrooms




Poaching and grilling all at the same time? That is the so-called Girardet method. The fish is floating in a cast iron container which is filled with white wine. This way it is slow cooked, making the meat very tender and juicy, but the skin on the surface is still exposed to the heat source, so it gets nice and crispy.





  1. Prepare mushrooms

    Clean the mushrooms with a soft brush and remove stubborn dirt with a knife, then cut them into walnut-sized pieces. Peel and finely chop the garlic and the onions. In a cast iron skillet, combine mushrooms with clarified butter, onions, and garlic. Season everything with salt and pepper.



  1. Preheat and grill

    Set The Otto Grill to the low setting and preheat it for 3 minutes. Place the pan with the mushrooms on the grilling grate and set the Meat-O-Meter to level 5. Now sear everything for 8 minutes. Continue to stir the mushrooms until they have all taken on a beautiful, shiny color.

  2. Shallots and wein

    Peel shallots and cut them into thin slices. Lightly salt the fish. Take another cast iron pan or skillet and spread the shallots all over the bottom. Place the zan on the bed of shallots, with the skin-side facing up. Now add white wine into the cast iron skillet, until only the skin is showing.

  3. On the grill again

    Set The Otto Grill to low heat and preheat it for 3 minutes. Set the skillet with the fish all the way on the bottom and grill everything for about 6 minutes. In the end, the skin should have a nice golden-brown color.



  1. Serve and enjoy

    Remove the skillet with the fish from the grill and set it aside for 2 minutes, so that the fish can finish cooking. Arrange everything together with the mushrooms in the end and serve.

  2. Pike and mushrooms