Grilled crawfish tails

5 min

2 min



4 Crawfish tails

3 ½ Tbs. butter

1 Garlic clove

1 Lime or lemon

Grilled crawfish tails




A seafood delicacy: today, Otto is putting crawfish tails on the Otto Grill. With his tips, you can achieve the perfect seafood result on the grill. This recipe is also great for other seafood barbecue, such as grilled lobster tails or rock lobster tails, and you’ll also learn how to cook crayfish.





  1. Prepare the crawfish tail – defrost it properly

    If you´re using frozen crawfish tails, you have to defrost them before grilling. To do so, take them out of the packet and leave them covered in the fridge overnight. Don´t put them frozen on the grill, as this will cause the crawfish meat to develop a hard and chewy consistency.
    You forgot to defrost them and now you´re out of time?
    If you put crawfish tails in a plastic bag filled with cold water, the crawfish meat will defrost in about an hour. When using this method, you should change the water several times. The microwave should at most be a last resort, since the crawfish meat will quickly begin to cook in the microwave.
    Otto´s golden rule: the more slowly you defrost the crawfish tail, the more intense the flavor will be after cooking. This tip also applies to lobster tail and rock lobster tail.

  2. Get your crawfish tails ready for the grill!

    There are different ways of preparing crawfish tails for the grill.
    (1) The easiest method: Leave the tail attached to the crawfish. The body will protect the crawfish tail from overcooking.
    (2) The medium difficulty method: Half the crawfish tail to get the tasty grill aroma on the side that´s cut open.
    (3) Advanced method: The so-called “piggyback method”. This method involves cutting the crawfish tail into two without splitting the tail fin. Then, release the crawfish meat from the shell but leave about 1.2 inches at the tail fin and lift it onto the shell – thus the name “piggyback”. This method is especially well suited for marinating crawfish meat.

    raw crawfish tails

  3. Marinating the crawfish meat

    A marinade of melted butter with a fresh component such as lime or lemon tastes amazing on grilled crawfish or crawfish tail. To make it, melt 3.5 tbs of butter and stir in one tbs of lemon or lime juice. Add a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. Finely diced garlic is also a nice addition to the marinade, but use it sparingly, or you risk overpowering the flavour of the crawfish itself.
    Otto´s tip: brush the meaty side of the crawfish tails with the marinade. After grilling, drizzle melted butter over the crawfish meat again.



  1. Grilled crawfish: a seafood delicacy

    Preheat your Otto Grill onto 1500°F for three minutes and put the Meat-o-Meter on the lowest level. As soon as you put the crawfish tails on the grill rack, keep Otto´s saying in mind: “Never leave your crawfish tails unattended. Grillers will be held responsible for their seafood.” Because in only just under two minutes the grilled crawfish tails are ready to be served.
    Grill the crawfish tails at 1500°F for one minute on each side until light grill marks appear. An ideal core temperature is around 133-136°F. The crawfish meat can then easily be removed from the shell and will amaze you with its firm consistency and aromatic flavour.

    crawfish tails grilled on The Otto Grill

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