Cold leftover steak salad with cucumber and soy sauce vinaigrette

10 min



For the vinagrette

¼ Cup Soy sauce

¼ Cup Olive oil

2 Shallots


For the steak

½ lbs. Steak

1 Cucumber

2 Scallions


Cold leftover steak salad with cucumber and soy sauce vinaigrette




Yeah we know – it does not happen very often that you have steak leftovers. But IF it happens, our recipe is the ideal solution: cold steak tastes great when prepared the right way. Not at all to be compared with re-heated steak. Our steak salad is inspired by Japanese Tataki, so you can perfectly eat it with chopsticks.





  1. First, prepare the vinaigrette. Chop the shallots and place them in a small bowl. Add soy sauce, olive oil and wasabi and combine well.

  2. Cut the leftover steak into very thin slices and place them on four plates.

  3. Cut the cucumber and the scallions into thin slices. Arrange the cucumber slices atop the steak slices. Spread the scallions on top and season with some salt.

  4. Now sprinkle with the vinaigrette and serve.

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