Sous-vide Cooking

Sous Vide Cooking: How to Get Started

We call it: Sous-vide cooking + The Otto Grill = ❤️ Only downside: Extremely highly risk of addiction!😉

Sous-vide Cooking
Sous-vide cooking is a popular and very safe method of preparing meat to perfection. Sous-vide is French and means "under vacuum" - so your meat literally stays deflated!

How does it work?
The meat is packed airtight in a vacuum bag and sealed. Then you put your meat in the water bath. There it cooks at low temperature, depending on the thickness, for about 1-3 hours. After the relaxed bath, you give the steak an aromatic crust with your 1,500°F top heat grill.

Main Benefits of Sous-vide cooking
The flavors & nutrients of the steak are better preserved because sous-vide cooking is a very gentle preparation method. Since nothing can escape from the airtight vacuum bag, the meat tastes even more intense after finishing on the grill.

DIn addition, the loss of liquid during sous-vide cooking is significantly lower than with other preparation methods. In addition, with sous-vide cooking you have full control over the temperature. Basically, you can't do anything wrong because the meat can't overcook. Once the meat has reached the desired temperature, it is maintained. So if your guests are delayed by half an hour, that's no problem at all. The sous-vide cooked steak is patient for the time being. However, you should make sure that the specified time is not exceeded excessively, as this can have a negative effect on the consistency of the steak.

By the way: There are virtually no limits to sous-vide cooking! From entrecôte to porterhouse to rump steak, everything is possible. And not only meat can be prepared in this way – vegetables and fish also feel very comfortable in the water bath!

Cooking Time and Temperatures (Ribeye Steaks)
Since you can achieve excellent results with sous-vide cooking with simple instructions, this cooking method is also suitable for amateur chefs!

To make your start in sous-vide cooking as easy as possible, we have summarized a small cooking chart for you:

Cooking Chart



Steak in den Vakuumierer legenPut the steak in the vacuumizer.

Vakuumiertes Steak ins Wasserbad geben Put the steak into the water bath.

Sous-vide Garer am Wasserbad anbringenApply the sous-vide stick to the water bath.

Finishing auf dem O.F.B.Finish the steak on The Otto Grill.

Perfektes Steak Season steak with pepper and salt and serve.





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