Welcome on board, Miele!

Welcome On Board, Miele!

“We are very pleased at having found a strong and reliable partner in Miele, a partner who shares our philosophy of perfection and premium aspirations and can support us in many ways.” Alexander Luik, CEO Otto Wilde Grillers

Traditional global player and agile start-up
We are proud to finally announce that Miele from Gütersloh, Germany will join Otto Wilde and together we will enter the field of high-quality grills and outdoor kitchens. Otto Wilde will contribute technical know-how in the field of innovative, high-quality grills and accessories. Thanks to its many years of expertise, Miele will devote itself to the areas of development, production, networking and marketing. It is not only the product portfolio that we would like to further expand together; further internationalization is also on the joint plan!

Miele & Otto Wilde Grillers: Fits!
Wondering why Miele and Otto Wilde, of all people, go so well together? Quite simply: the complementarity. Both companies focus on developing and marketing premium products. Otto Wilde developed the Over-fired Broiler “The Otto Grill” in 2015 and made it possible for numerous happy customers to grill the perfect steak at home. Over time, we developed different models for different needs: Lite version for customers who are focusing on the essential – the perfect steak and premium variants for their own kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, Miele has long been an expert in this field! When Miele was already busy developing and marketing high quality kitchen appliances, most of the Otto Wilde crew hadn’t even been born yet!

Many years, dozens of steaks and burgers later, Otto Wilde is also becoming more and more involved with the subject of cuisine. To be precise: outdoor cooking! At Otto Wilde known as The Otto Platform. The Otto Platform is a modular and high-quality outdoor kitchen that can be customized and expanded. At the heart of The Otto Platform is the highly innovative G32 gas grill. The G32 is a revolutionary, smart gas grill that leaves no wish unfulfilled and has already broken records at this point. With The Otto Platform, you can create your very own open-air kitchen with the help of umpteen different modules.

Why Miele?
Miele was founded as early as 1899, and today’s globally active company began with the manufacture of milk centrifuges. Today, every child probably knows that this is no longer the case. No matter what room you are in at home, there is a very high probability that you will come across a Miele product. From cooking and baking to coffee preparation, from dishwashing to laundry and floor care, it’s all there! Miele has received numerous design awards and accolades over the years. In addition, many test winners at Stiftung Warentest confirm the quality of the various Miele products. Nils Wilde, CEO Otto Wilde, is also enthusiastic about the technical expertise of the Miele Group: “With its technical excellence in the field of premium built-in kitchen appliances, Miele is in a position to make valuable contributions towards expanding our portfolio.”

What does that mean for you?
The German-based household appliance group acquires 75.1% of the shares in Otto Wilde. With Miele, we now have a very good partner at our side who will support us in many areas with its many years of experience and in-depth expertise. Since 1899, Miele has been following its brand promise “Always better” and this promise also applies to you. You can expect a premium product portfolio and of course a premium warranty. We want to give you even more pleasure when grilling and cooking in the fresh air. You should also always be sure that you have made the right decision with products from Otto Wilde. Together with Miele, we want to create high-quality and coordinated outdoor worlds of enjoyment for the highest demands. One thing you must not forget: We remain WILD(E) – we always have been and we always will be! We are excited about the upcoming adventure and look forward to you rocking the road together with Miele and Otto Wilde!


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