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How To Leak Test Your Gas Grill

If you’re worried that your hose might have a leak, you’ll want to leak test your gas grill. You can conduct a leak test quite easily with just a bit of soapy water or foaming agent. You’ll want to leak test your gas tank and hose if you find any issues with starting the grill, the flame size and power of the grill or if you smell or hear gas. And, if you have any suspicions, it is always better to be safe and do this quick and easy leak test.

Leak Test Tools
You don’t need anything fancy to leak test your grill — just a few household items to perform a leak test on your gas grill. Foaming agent or mixture of water and soap – 50/50 A paint brush or towel

The Otto Grill and gas tank outdoors

1. Set Up Leak Test Outside
Make sure to set up your grill outside for the test as the area could get very soapy and so you won’t need to clean up afterwards. If you have any suspicions of a gas leak, first make sure to turn off the gas and your grill before doing anything. Dissemble it after the gas has left the hose and reconnect everything again being careful to do it properly. This way, you can be sure that it was not just an assembly mistake.

2. Prepare Your Leak Test Mixture
Once you have reassembled the grill again, create your soapy mixture or prepare your foaming agent. Make sure everything is turned off and then, take your brush or towel and apply the soapy water all over the top of the tank and hose. Apply generously — this won’t harm your grill or gas hose.


3. Find the Bubbles, Find the Leak
Then, turn on your gas tank. If there is a leak, the soap will bubble up noticeably. If you notice a leak, turn off the gas right away! Dissemble and don’t use your damaged article. If it’s the gas tank or seal, make sure to contact the retailer or maker. If it’s your Otto Grill hose, contact our representatives for more information so we can sort out the issue.

4. Precautions of Gas Leaks
Here are some precautions to remember if you ever think your gas grill has a leak. ! If there is a gas leak, do not use your grill ! Never use an open flame to search for a gas leak ! If you haven’t used your grill in a long time, it’s advised to perform a leak test before using ! Always take precautions and be careful