Grill Stand comparison

Grill Stand comparison

You may know our Otto Grill Stand as your go to storage and working solution for your Otto Grill. But now you will have a choice to make as we proudly present the Otto Grill Stand XL!

If you wanted to use the Otto Grill with an Otto Wilde designed grill stand with a storage solution in the past, you only had the option to do so with the Otto Grill Stand. The Otto Grill Stand is a well-designed and versatile cabinet made to suit the needs of an Otto Grill and its owner. But we wanted to add more options with more versatility, which is why we want to introduce the Otto Grill Stand XL!




Comparison of the Grill Stands

So, exactly what are the differences between the Otto Grill Stand and the Otto Grill Stand XL? Before we answer that let’s quickly look to the similarities. Both Grill Stands are completely made from stainless steel. The countertop is brushed stainless steel while the body of the stand is black powder coated. Also, both Grill Stands are wide enough to put the Otto Grill on top of them.

Beyond that both products differ on a range of aspects. The most obvious is the width and as the naming suggests the Grill Stand XL is the bigger version. While the Otto Grill Stand boasts 24” width, the Otto Grill Stand XL goes to a width of 32” in total. This way the Otto Grill XL has even more space on top and you gain preparation space to work beside your Otto Grill. Adding more size also means more room for storage. As the Otto Grill Stand usually has four drawers or a drawer and a door, the Otto Grill Stand XL still offers you more storage. You get one 32” wide drawer and beneath that the Grill Stand XL is divided in two compartments. On the right side will always be a door that includes our Gas Drawer. That is a drawer to store your propane gas tank and makes switching the gas tank safer. If you draw out the Gas Drawer, you must lock it in place with. Which is also a premium feature the Otto Grill Stand XL compared to the Grill Stand. With the Grill Stand XL, you can conveniently pull out the drawer to check or switch the propane tank. On the left side you get three additional 16” wide drawers or a door depending on your chosen variation.

Decisions Decisions…

Now it comes down to which grill stand should you choose? Looking at the hard facts you probably will prefer the Otto Grill Stand XL. More storage, a drawer for the propane tank, a bigger grill stand – all that sounds wonderful. But the truth is: you don’t have to decide, and you can own both! This is an advantage especially for those who already own the Otto Grill Stand but like the Otto Grill Stand XL as well.

The magic word is modularity. Both grill stands can be connected via screws to form a rollable outdoor island. Owning and connecting both grill stands gives you the best solution for a cooking suite, bar, or simply a countertop of both plus benefits that each grill stand brings for storage a flexibility. As mentioned earlier you get access to huge storage possibilities, the propane gas tank drawer and a high-quality stainless-steel Grill Stand with a coherent look. You could also put your Otto Grill on top of either of the Grill Stands and use the free countertop as working space. Easily preparing and serving your meals side to side with your Otto Grill. This way you don’t only save more time while prepping and cooking with the Otto Grill, but also enjoy the fresh air, sun and your back yard, like an outdoor kitchen.