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The Grill Knows No Gender

For many people, grilling is seen as a male-dominated activity. That might explain why 90% of the Otto Grill audience is men, but women love to grill too. In a society now that is trying to abolish the stereotypical gender roles, acquiring grill knowledge from both men and women will only enhance the industry’s knowledge and innovations. We caught up with Melissa Reome, also known as @grillmomma on instagram, to talk about being a pioneer in grill industry, not only because she is a woman but because she is a great cook and griller (and photographer). She tells us why the grill knows no gender!

Melissa Reome
Melissa Reome is One Grilling @GRILLMOMMA
Melissa Reome is one of our Otto Grill ambassadors, dishing out some amazing dishes and tantalizing us with her bright-colored photos. Melissa has always loved to cook and fell in love with cooking over a live fire when she was first introduced to it. She loves a challenge and if she can cook a dish in the kitchen she wants to make a better version outside on the grill. For her, outdoor grilling brings her joy, and the fact that she can grill up a dinner in a hurry after a full day’s work is quite satisfying. “The fact that I can grill a steak hot and fast in just a few minutes is honestly my favorite feature of the Otto Wilde Grill.”

When Melissa grills, she grills with culinary style. She grills with precision and creativity which sets her apart from many others in this industry. Her photo gallery on Instagram says it all. One look and your hooked. If you are a carnivore lover like her, you should be following @grillmomma. The flavor of her meals practically jumps out of each photo, which is why she is so widely loved.

Gender Doesn’t Matter on the Grill
To Reome, gender doesn’t mean a thing behind the grill because the grill knows no gender. Melissa “think[s] that men and women should be created equals when it comes to grilling.” Her stance on gender grilling equality comes from her own experience of being judged soley because she is a woman. Melissa accounts, “I have been asked numerous times ‘who cooks the food on your social media accounts?’ as if being a woman means I have the inability to cook and/or grill.” And though Melissa tries to ignore the passing comment of “Wow, you really can cook!”, she sees it as an opportunity to continue doing her thing and knocking down stereotypes of women behind a grill.

Melissa Reome with meat

Inspiring On & Off the Grill
While on this grilling journey, Melissa has had numerous interactions with other women inspired by her confidence behind the grill. She hopes to convince more women that the grill isn’t an intimidating instrument, just a fun cooking gadget that can really amp up their cuisine game! Melissa rounded out the discussion to brood over how gender is not a caveat behind the grill, just knowledge. She says that “there are women that can help men learn to grill more successfully and men who can help women grill more successfully. Why not all learn together?”

Why not indeed. We hope to continue educating our fans about grilling outdoors, especially with the Otto Grill, and to spread grill knowledge that is not confined to women or men only.

And, don’t forget to check out Melissa’s website where you can explore amazingly easy and delicious recipes.



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