Otto’s Storage Box
Otto’s Storage Box top
Otto’s Storage Box side
Otto’s Storage Box top view
Otto’s Storage Box outdoors with The Otto Grill on top

Otto’s Storage Box


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100% customer satisfaction

100% right of return

Safe shipment

Secure payment

Robust material

Store your Otto Grill safely in this sturdy aluminum box. Dimensions (H x W x D): 13.5 x 22.3 x 20.3 in.

Padded interior

The Storage Box is lined with soft padding to keep your Otto Grill secure.

100% Quality

Made of robust aluminum

Made Specially for Your Otto Grill

Designed to fit your Otto Grill perfectly

Elegant Design

Just like your grill, the Storage Box has a simple, elegant design

Complete your setup

Otto’s Storage Box

Otto’s Storage Box








Reasons to buy
Otto’s Storage Box


Take your Otto Grill wherever you want to go.


With grips on either side, the Storage Box is easy to carry.


The Storage Box looks so good, you don’t even have to hide it in the basement in between barbecues!

Included with your order

Otto’s Storage Box

Robust aluminum box with padded interior and handles on either side


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