Otto’s Rotisserie
Otto’s Rotisserie front
Otto’s Rotisserie - parts
Otto’s Rotisserie with meat on it in G32


Otto’s Rotisserie



Delivery time: Estimated for 4th quarter 2022

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Safe shipment

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High-quality material

The skewer includes 4 dishwasher-safe, stainless steel claws.

Let it turn!

Attach the Rotisserie to either side of your grill and choose your rotation direction.

100% Stainless Steel

The rotisserie rod and the claws are made of high-quality, solid stainless steel.

Designed in Germany

Reliable and exact, down to the smallest detail - just like you'd expect!

Expand Your Horizons

From gyros to picanha, rotisserie cooking opens a whole new world of grilling.

Complete your setup

Otto’s Rotisserie

Otto’s Rotisserie

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Reasons to buy
Otto’s Rotisserie


Our rotisserie’s powerful motor lets you easily rotate even heavy barbecue food.


The rotisserie can easily be unscrewed, so you can use it on the G16 too.


With a width of 32 in, Otto's Rotisserie has enough space to feed your whole family.

Included with your order


Powerful motor Rotisserie designed for the G32 Smart or G32 Connected.


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