Otto’s Grill Drawer
Otto’s Grill Drawer in The Otto Grill
Otto’s Grill Drawer with steaks on it

Otto’s Grill Drawer


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Attention: Not compatible with The Otto Grill Lite

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Upgrade your Otto Grill

With Otto’s Grill Drawer, the Grill Grate can be pulled out together with the Drip Tray.

Easy handling

Grilling steak without making a mess has never been easier.

Convenient Cleanup

Keep your grease under control! The Grill Drawer prevents spills and keeps your Otto Grill tidy.

For The Otto Grill Original

Easily retrofit the Grill Drawer to upgrade your Otto Grill Original.

Robust Material

Made of solid, heat-resistant stainless steel.

Complete your setup

Otto’s Grill Drawer

Otto’s Grill Drawer








Reasons to buy
Otto‘s Grill Drawer


We built our Grill Drawer to last.


Designed in Germany, with all the precision you would expect!


Simply use the lever included in The Otto Grill to pull out the grate.

Included with your order

Grill Drawer

Otto‘s Grill Drawer, an easy upgrade to your Otto Grill!


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