The Otto Platform

The Otto Platform

We founded Otto Wilde with the ambitious goal to revolutionize the grill industry – grill by grill. We develop grills that help grillers to step up their grilling game.

Really smart? Really smart!
To get one thing straight right from the start: We haven’t just developed a gas grill – No! Otto’s G32 will be available in two versions! We distinguish between: Otto’s G32 Connected and Otto’s G32 Smart. We will introduce both versions in more detail later on.

But it gets even bigger: It’s not that we developed just grill, but also an app to go with it. And it’s this app that makes your new G32 Connected or Smart and your smartphone an unbeatable team. It magically connects to your new grill via Bluetooth or WiFi with integrated cloud access.

Connected version
With Otto’s G32 Connected, you have the possibility to read out the burner and meat temperature with your smartphone. You continue to operate the grill controls and thus control the desired temperature with your grill fingertip feeling. With the ConnectedQ function you can download recipes directly onto your grill. You will receive feedback as soon as predefined values are reached or you need to readjust the heat in the grill.


Smart version
Otto’s G32 Smart also gives you full control of your grill – around the clock and anywhere you are! The burner and the different temperature zones can be controlled from your smartphone using SmartValve technology. In addition, the burners can be grouped via app using the FlexZone function. Of course, you can also load recipes onto your grill using the ConnectedQ function of the G32 Smart. And that’s just the beginning: The automatic temperature control with the SmartQ function takes care of your favorite dish when you don’t have time to stand at the grill yourself.


So, now you already know the heart of the Otto platform. You wonder what the Otto platform is all about? The Otto platform is an ultra-modular outdoor kitchen that adapts to your needs and requirements from time to time. The Otto platform offers you maximum freedom of choice and a particularly high degree of individuality.

Compose your own personal outdoor kitchen – module by module. Whether cupboard or drawer, wide or narrow work surface, kitchenette or corner kitchen – Otto will make your dream come true.

Outdoor kitchen from Otto Wilde

With our FlexLine Gas Delivery System you can connect the gas supply line of several modules with the help of break-out joints in the modules. The individual modules are screwed together to form one unit. Our height-adjustable castors ensure that the work surfaces are level and the fronts are aligned.


Otto’s G16 Connected
The G16 Connected is the little brother of Otto’s G32. Only half as big, but he’s at least as big as his big brother! Instead of four burners there is a burner with double the power. Of course, Otto’s G16 Connected also has a rear burner for the rotisserie.


Otto’s C16 & C16 Add on
Otto’s C16 module is a cooker that comes to your home with a powerful pot carrier and a dual burner. It allows you to prepare sauces and side dishes practically outdoors. If you don’t use the C16 module, you can use it as an additional storage space, as it is equipped with a practical stainless-steel cover.


Tables & storage space
We have developed various storage and stacking options that allow you to keep all your barbecue stuff safe. With each storage module you have the choice between drawers or cabinets. Of course, all drawers and cabinets, as well as the G32, are equipped with a high-quality SoftCloseSystem.

The T16 module offers the option of a side stacking surface. Although the T16 module has a load capacity of 55 lbs if the centre of gravity of the load is in the middle, you should rather place your Otto Grill on a storage module.

Otto has developed five different storage modules, so there is something for everyone. From narrow, to wide, up to the S90° module, with which you can design your outdoor kitchen even around corners.

Otto’s S16 module with its 16” of width is the narrowest of the storage modules. The next one in the hierarchy of storage modules is Otto’s S24, which is perfect for placing your beloved Otto Grill on it.

You need even more space? No problem at all! The 32” wide Otto’s S32 module provides you with plenty of storage space!


Otto’s S32 Sink Edition
Ingenious and cunning as Otto is, he has also come up with practical special modules. Otto’s S32 with integrated sink allows you to do the dishes in the garden.

Otto’s Fridge Ready Module
Otto enables you to integrate a built-in refrigerator into your outdoor kitchen. After all, an ice-cold drink should not be missing during a relaxed barbecue evening, should it? The refrigerator is not included in the scope of delivery of the module. It is important that you install a refrigerator that is suitable for outdoor use.


Meat on the outdoor kitchen from Otto Wilde


Otto’s Pizza Set
Of course, we have also thought of great accessories that will make your new barbecue experience perfect.

With Otto’s pizza set you can conjure up delicious pizzas – Benvenuti in Italia! The stone consists of cordierite. We decided against a fireclay stone, because cordierite does not crack or break so quickly and resists high heat better. For a better air circulation, the stone sits in a stainless steel frame.

Otto’s Griddle Plate
Otto’s griddle plate is made of 6 mm thick stainless steel and is therefore durable and super easy to clean. The grill plate is placed instead of two grid segments. Smashed burgers, crispy bacon or fried eggs are easier to prepare on your grill than ever before!

Otto’s Handles
To lift the pizza set and the griddle plate out of your G32 without burning you, we have developed Otto’s handles. These fit into the frame of the grill plate and pizza set at the sides.

Otto’s Rotisserie
We’re going crazy – with all the delicacies that you can conjure up on Otto’s Rotisserie. While the crispy pork belly or the golden-brown grilled chicken are still doing their relaxed rounds on the rotisserie, our mouths are already watering. The rotisserie for the G32 will presumably consist of 2 individual parts that are screwed together. This way we can guarantee that the rotisserie spit will also fit into your G16.


Snip – wake up! I’m sorry for pulling you out of your outdoor kitchen dream so bumpy now. Just make it happen and live your personal outdoor kitchen dream every day.

See for yourself how much we have worked on our project of the heart and how much brain power we have invested in the Otto platform over the years. Then you will easily understand why more than 2,700 customers are already supporting us in the revolution of the grill industry. And very soon there will be one more member – namely you! We already say: Welcome to the Otto Wilde family!


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