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Otto’s New G32 Sets Kickstarter Records

What a time it is to grill! These days, grill aficionados are constantly being presented with state-of-the-art products that are made to elevate their grill game and here at Otto Wilde we too have an insatiable need to innovate. So with that in mind, we promise you that what follows is something you have NEVER seen before! What can we say: Otto does not do things by halves – so what Otto does revolutionize the grill industry!

Revolutionizing the grill industry
2,762 backers showed us their smart side and became part of the revolution during our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. They are the first 2,762 proud owners of the first smart and modular gas grill in BBQ history – the grill that broke Kickstarter records! Show us your smart side too, become part of the revolution – become one of the first owners of a grill that is REALLY smart.


Really smart? Yes, really smart!
The fact that we have developed a new grill is no longer new to you. But you didn’t think we’d be launching two versions at once, did you? Of course, we will present both versions to you in more detail. For now, it is enough to know the following: We have christened our new grill the G32, and it will be available in two versions: Connected and Smart. And it gets even bigger: We have not only developed a new grill, but also a matching app. And exactly this app will turn your new G32 Connected or Smart and your smartphone into an unbeatable grilling team! As if by magic, your smartphone connects to your new grill via Bluetooth or WiFi with an integrated cloud connection.

Connected version
With the Connected model, you have the possibility to read out the burner and food temperature with your smartphone. You continue to operate the grill controls with your grill fingertip feeling and thus control the desired temperature. Recipes can be loaded directly onto your grill using the ConnectedQ-function. You will receive feedback as soon as predefined values are reached or you need to readjust the heat in the grill.


Smart version
The Smart model also gives you full control of your grill – around the clock and anywhere you are! The burner and the different temperature zones can be controlled from your smartphone using SmartValve-technology. In addition, the burners can be grouped via app using the FlexZone-function. Of course, you can also load recipes onto your grill using the ConnectedQ-function in the smart version. And that’s not all: The automatic temperature control with the SmartQ-function takes care of your favorite dish when you don’t have time to stand at the grill yourself.


Smart to its core
It is not only the connection to your Smartphone that makes our new grill “smart”. If it was, the pun would be much too simple! Our entire grill is designed to be smart in every aspect.

Fat management
Usually the fat management of many grills is solved by a very complicated pull-out at the back of the grill. This did not seem so smart to our team here at Otto Wilde and we set out to find a smarter way to manage the excess fat. Our smart solution: grease traps that are integrated in separate drawers. Having grease traps accessible through separate drawers allows for the trays to be emptied quickly (even while still cooking) and put back in again without any problems. To make the process smarter and easier, we made the grease traps dishwasher-safe – so your delicate grilling hands are spared from the annoying washing up.

Gas bottle scale
A further enhancement is the integrated gas tank level monitoring. Never heard of it? No wonder, Otto has finally come up with a fresh idea for you! The GasBuddy-function protects you from unpleasant surprises and shows you the exact fill level of your gas cylinder on your smartphone. So, you always know when you need to change the gas bottle and you can be sure that you have enough fuel for your next barbecue party.


The outer and inner values of our grill
The housing including the powder-coated parts of our gas grill is made of 100% stainless steel, so you can have unlimited fun with it – for a lifetime. And that’s not all! The top and side walls of the housing are double-walled, so that the heat is stored in the grill in the best possible way. If you thought we couldn’t make opening and closing the grill smarter, think again. Thanks to the Easy-Access hinge you can open the lid easily and without much effort. The built-in OpenLid-sensor even informs you via smartphone if you haven’t closed the lid. This sensor is also linked to the FullDomeLight. So, the light only lights up when you really need it and illuminates the entire grill surface – without dazzling you.

Plenty of space!
All storage space underneath the grill is equipped with a SoftClose-system and can be arranged individually by you. In the standard version, the G32 comes with two cabinet doors. A large gas cylinder (up to 11kg) can be stowed away here without any problems. If you already have an existing outdoor kitchen, you can easily integrate our grill into it.


A beautiful back…
… can also delight! Cleverly it goes on with the back of your G32. There we have hidden a splashproof socket for you to easily connect additional accessories, such as our rotisserie motor.

The inner values
In contrast to many conventional grill manufacturers, we work with four cast stainless steel burners, which heat up correctly with 14,000 BTU or 3.3 kW each. The temperature range of 210 – 840 °F provides a wide scope for any grilling method. Each burner has a built-in temperature sensor directly on the grill grate to enable precise heat control and perfect grilling results. To monitor the temperature of your food, you have the possibility to connect up to 4 Meat-probes. The temperature values are transferred directly to your Smartphone. The grill is also equipped with an extra-long infrared rear burner with 3.5 kW and reaches temperatures of up to 1000 °F . That’s how a roll roast on the rotisserie is really fun!

The grill grate
The total grilling surface of the G32 including the hot grid is 710 in². The four grill grate segments are also made entirely of high-quality stainless steel which has the advantage that after an extensive BBQ-session they do not require much cleanup work and can go straight into the dishwasher.


Modular construction – without compromises
You know the problem: You own a gas grill which you bought only a year ago. Over that year your grill skills have improved but unfortunately your gas grills skills remain the same. Now you are faced with a dilemma: sell the old gas grill with a loss of value, or keep the old gas grill and be sad every time you grill? Neither of these is an option for us at Otto Wilde! Our gas grill adapts to your needs, and no matter what your needs may be, we are there with multiple configurations and endless customization possibilities. Perhaps you prefer to have drawers instead of a base cabinet? That can be arranged! Maybe you would like to extend your grill with another table? Just say so! In the end you can even realize your complete outdoor kitchen planning with our products. And of course, you can also seamlessly incorporate your beloved O.F.B. into the modular concept. With our modular grills, you can roll up your sleeves and become a part of your outdoor kitchen design process. Its like building blocks, but for grown-ups!


Building blocks
The modules work separately as well as part of a team of Otto Wilde products. You can easily connect them together, choose which side the stop is on, fine tune their height, and so on and so on. Logically, you don’t need a single gas cylinder for each module – where would we get to? There are connecting hoses in the individual modules that can be easily combined up to the main gas cylinder.

Get to know the individual modules even better here.

Thank you, merci, gracias & dankeschön!
We are all very proud to bring our new grill to you, and we are beyond excited about launching this new product. Years of work and gigawatts of brainpower have more than paid off to tackle the challenge we have been presented with. The revolution of the grill industry starts now! Don’t miss your opportunity to change grilling forever.

Every one of us at Otto Wilde Grillers are happy to share this project with our passionate customers. Whether you are someone who just started researching our company, or if you are the proud owner of multiple Otto Wilde Grills, we are beyond grateful about your support and we take pleasure in serving you.

Thank you so much for making all this possible!

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