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How To Start A Gas Grill

It isn’t something to be ashamed about – learning how to start a gas grill can be tricky and scary at first, but you’ll get the hang of it! First of all, you’re working with hazardous equipment. Understanding how to properly hook up a gas tank is important so that releasing the gas and adding fire will safely ignite your grill. Also, knowing what warning signs to look for will make you an expert on safely starting up your gas grill.

Tools to Ignite Gas Grill
Propane gas tank
Gas hose
Coupling nut
The Otto Grill
Temperature knobs
Piezo ignition button

Gas Tank Valve & Grill Must Be Off
This is very important when you start a gas grill. You don’t want anything turned on while you are connecting gas to your grill. Make sure that the grill is off and all the knobs are pointed to the zero. The gas tank knob should be completely tightened clockwise in its off position (righty tighty, lefty loosey). Oh yea, and keep your gas tank about 24” away from the grill for safety precautions.

Check For Damage
Take a look at your grill and gas tank. Anything suspicious? Look for damage to the infrared burners, the gas hose and if the seal or cap is broken on a new gas tank. Make sure that this is one of the first steps when you start a gas grill. It is important to identify any suspicious activity or damage before turning anything on!

Prepare Grill: Attach Adapter
For Otto Grill users in the US, an extra attachment (adapter) is provided for the gas hose. Attach this to the back of the grill first (where the hose will go) by turning it counterclockwise totighten. This is a preliminary step (if necessary) before starting a gas grill.

attaching adapter

Gas Tank: Remove Seal & Attach Regulator
Always use the provided cap and strap to remove the seal from the gas tank. Take the coupler in one hand and connect it to the gas tank. Then, turn the coupler nut clockwise until completely tightened (righty tighty, lefty loosey). ATTENTION: Never use the pressure regulator to tighten the screw connection!

attaching regulator

Connect Hose to Grill
Now, attach the other end of the hose to your grill. On the Otto Grill, you will be screwing the hose onto the adapter that you already attached to the Otto Grill. Turn it clockwise by hand to tighten. No need for tools. Slide the kink protector to the end of the hose to fit closely to the back of the Otto Grill.

Turn On Gas & Listen
Turn the gas valve counterclockwise to release gas into the hose. Before touching the Otto Grill power buttons and ignition, put your ear to the grill opening and listen for the gas hissing sound. If you hear the gas sound, you are ready to turn on your grill. If you don’t, you might have a leak. ATTENTION: Make sure that everything on your grill is off before opening the gas valve. AND, never put your head in or directly in front of the grilling chamber while operating.

Turn On Your Grill
Now, to turn on your grill! Make sure that nothing is close to the opening of the grill as flames can sometimes spark from the opening. That means your arm and sleeves too. Try to reach over the top of the grill or turn on the knobs from the back instead of reaching from the front. When you start a gas grill, you usually have variations of a piezo ignition. Sometimes there is a button, sometimes only knobs. For Otto Grill users, follow the steps for using a piezo ignition below as there is a slight trick to it.

turning on the grill

Steps for Using Piezo Ignition
1. Turn one of the operating knobs to the big flame symbol.
2. Hold down the knob while pushing the red ignition button. Release the ignition button but keep holding down the operating knob for an additional 5 seconds.
3. Do the same thing for the other knob if you want both sides of the grill on.
4. You may need to try multiple times.

Tip: The flames should be blue and red rather than yellow and red — so look for the blue!


Troubleshooting Gas Grill
If you are operating a gas grill for the first time, you should know some of the basic troubleshooting tricks. Here are three things to look for when starting your grill: low flame, a leaking hose and no blue flame. Read below to be able to troubleshoot these gas grill issues and safely deal with each one.

Low Flame – If there is a low flame on your grill, the hose may not be properly attached to either gas tank or grill, or you may have a leak. Try to dissemble everything and reset it again. To test if you have a leak, follow these steps to do a leak test. If everything else seems to be working fine, contact our Otto Wilde Grillers representatives for any issue with your Otto Grill.

Leaking Hose – If you found a leak in your gas or grill hose, stop use immediately! Turn off the gas and your grill. After turning everything off, let the remaining gas in the hose release before dissembling it. If this is the hose that was sent with your Otto Grill, contact one of our representatives immediately. We will replace your hose.

No Blue Flame – If your grill does not produce a blue flame, something is not right. Sometimes you can just turn everything off, dissemble and reassemble again being very careful to properly set everything up and the problem will resolve. If the problem does not resolve on your Otto Grill after making sure everything is fit properly and turned on, contact one of our representatives. We will help you fix it or figure it out!


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